Is Black Rifle Coffee Anti-2nd Amendment? Exploring the Controversy

As an avid coffee lover and supporter of the Second Amendment, I couldn’t help but be intrigued when I heard about the controversy surrounding Black Rifle Coffee and its stance on the right to bear arms. In recent years, the company has gained a devoted following among conservatives and gun enthusiasts, touting themselves as the coffee of choice for those who take their freedom and firearms seriously. However, rumors and speculations have circulated suggesting that Black Rifle Coffee may not be as pro-Second Amendment as they claim. In this article, we will delve deeper into this controversy and explore whether or not Black Rifle Coffee is truly anti-2nd Amendment.

The Rise of Black Rifle Coffee

Before diving into the controversy, it’s important to understand how Black Rifle Coffee Company became a household name among gun enthusiasts. Founded in 2014 by Army veteran Evan Hafer, the company started with a simple vision: to provide high-quality coffee to those who worked in the military and law enforcement. As a former Green Beret himself, Hafer wanted to create a brand that resonated with the men and women who served their country, while also supporting the Second Amendment rights that they swore to protect.

The company quickly gained popularity for its unapologetically patriotic and conservative branding. From its bold packaging, featuring military-style artwork, to its humorous and irreverent marketing campaigns, Black Rifle Coffee positioned itself as the coffee of choice for those who proudly embrace their firearms. With slogans like “Fuel your inner warrior” and “America’s coffee,” the company clearly aligned itself with values commonly associated with the Second Amendment.

The Controversy

Despite its initial success and apparent pro-Second Amendment stance, rumors began swirling in recent years questioning Black Rifle Coffee’s true commitment to the cause. Some critics argue that the company has strayed from its original values and has been exhibiting anti-2nd Amendment behavior. These allegations primarily stem from the company’s decision to distance itself from certain individuals or groups that some consider to be staunch defenders of the Second Amendment.

Distancing from Kyle Rittenhouse

One incident that raised eyebrows was Black Rifle Coffee’s decision to distance itself from Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager involved in the shooting during the Kenosha protests in 2020. After the incident, Rittenhouse’s lawyer claimed that the company had offered Rittenhouse an endorsement deal, which Black Rifle Coffee vehemently denied. The confusion around this incident led some to question the company’s commitment to supporting individuals who exercise their Second Amendment rights.

Theoretical Support of San Francisco Gun Ban

Another source of controversy emerged when a video clip of an interview with Black Rifle Coffee’s executive vice president, Mat Best, caught attention online. During the interview, Best alluded to a theoretical scenario where the company might support a gun ban in San Francisco due to the local government’s refusal to address the homelessness crisis. This comment sparked outrage among some pro-Second Amendment individuals, who interpreted it as a potential endorsement of anti-gun policies.

Company’s Response

In response to these allegations and speculations, Black Rifle Coffee has maintained that they are indeed staunch supporters of the Second Amendment. They assert that their mission remains unchanged – to provide exceptional coffee to those who proudly defend their freedom, and to support veteran and law enforcement causes. The company argues that any misinterpretation or misunderstanding of their actions is simply a result of misinformation or a misalignment of values.

The Verdict

After examining the controversy surrounding Black Rifle Coffee’s alleged anti-2nd Amendment stance, it is clear that the company’s reputation as a pro-gun brand remains intact. While there have been isolated incidents and statements that some may view as questionable, the overall narrative suggests that Black Rifle Coffee continues to be a strong advocate for the Second Amendment.

It is important to remember that misconceptions and misinterpretations can arise in any situation, and it is equally crucial to allow for a fair assessment before drawing definitive conclusions. In the case of Black Rifle Coffee, the evidence, when analyzed objectively, supports the fact that the company remains pro-Second Amendment.


As a dedicated supporter of the Second Amendment, the controversy surrounding Black Rifle Coffee initially gave me pause. However, after delving deeper into the issue, it becomes evident that the allegations of the company being anti-2nd Amendment are largely unfounded. Black Rifle Coffee continues to proudly display its commitment to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and those who value their right to bear arms.

In a world where misconceptions can spread like wildfire, it is crucial to approach controversies with an open mind and seek out the truth rather than blindly accepting the opinions of others. The controversy surrounding Black Rifle Coffee serves as a reminder that we should always question the sources of information and critically analyze the facts before forming our own conclusions. In the case of Black Rifle Coffee, it is safe to say that they remain a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment and continue to brew their coffee with a side of patriotism.

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