How to Use Mizudashi Coffee Pot: A Step-by-Step Guide to Brewing Perfect Cold Brew

I love starting my day with a delicious cup of coffee, and recently I discovered a new method that has become my go-to for brewing a perfect cold brew. The Mizudashi Coffee Pot has quickly become my favorite brewing device for making smooth and flavorful cold brew at home. If you’re like me and enjoy a refreshing glass of cold brew, then this step-by-step guide will help you make the perfect batch every time using the Mizudashi Coffee Pot.

What is a Mizudashi Coffee Pot?

Before we dive into the brewing process, let’s talk about what exactly a Mizudashi Coffee Pot is. Mizudashi, which translates to “water dripping” in Japanese, is a popular method for brewing cold brew coffee. The Mizudashi Coffee Pot is a simple yet effective brewing device specifically designed for cold brew. It consists of a glass or plastic pitcher with a built-in filter that allows you to steep your coffee grounds in cold water for an extended period. This slow and gentle extraction process results in a smooth and low-acid brew.

Step 1: Choose the Right Coffee Beans

The key to a flavorful cold brew starts with selecting the right coffee beans. Opt for a medium to coarse grind as this will prevent over-extraction and produce a smoother brew. I recommend experimenting with different coffee beans to find the flavor profile that suits your taste buds. Whether you prefer a light and fruity roast or a dark and rich one, the Mizudashi Coffee Pot allows you to explore a wide range of flavors.

Step 2: Measure the Coffee and Water Ratio

To achieve the perfect balance of flavor, it’s essential to measure the coffee and water ratio accurately. A general guideline is to use a 1:8 coffee to water ratio. For example, if you’re using 100 grams of coffee grounds, you’ll want to add 800 milliliters of cold, filtered water. However, you can always adjust this ratio to make your brew stronger or milder.

Step 3: Place the Coffee Grounds in the Filter

Once you have your desired coffee and water ratio, it’s time to add the coffee grounds to the Mizudashi Coffee Pot. Open the lid and remove the filter component from the pitcher. Add the desired amount of coffee grounds into the filter, ensuring that they are evenly distributed. Remember, the coarser the grind, the longer the steeping time should be.

Step 4: Pour Cold Water Over the Coffee Grounds

After adding the coffee grounds, pour the cold, filtered water over them. Make sure to saturate all the grounds for an even extraction. As you pour, you’ll notice the water filtering through the coffee grounds and slowly filling up the pitcher. Take your time to pour the water gently, ensuring that the coffee grounds are fully submerged.

Step 5: Steep the Coffee in the Fridge

Once you’ve poured the cold water, it’s time to let the coffee steep. Place the Mizudashi Coffee Pot in the fridge and allow it to steep for at least 12 hours. The extended steeping time allows the flavors to fully develop and results in a smooth and robust cold brew. Feel free to adjust the steeping time based on your personal preference. If you prefer a stronger brew, you can extend the steeping time to up to 24 hours.

Step 6: Remove the Coffee Grounds

After the desired steeping time has passed, it’s time to remove the coffee grounds from the Mizudashi Coffee Pot. Carefully lift the filter component out of the pitcher and set it aside. The integrated filter will catch the coffee grounds, preventing them from entering your final brew. It’s important to note that the longer you steep the coffee, the stronger the flavor will be, so find the right balance for your taste buds.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Perfect Cold Brew

Congratulations! You have successfully brewed a delicious batch of cold brew using the Mizudashi Coffee Pot. Now it’s time to enjoy your creation. Pour the cold brew into a glass filled with ice, and you can even dilute it with a little water or milk if desired. Savor the smoothness and richness of your cold brew as it refreshes and energizes you for the day ahead.


The Mizudashi Coffee Pot is a fantastic brewing device for making cold brew at home. With its simple design and easy-to-use filter system, it allows you to create a smooth and flavorful cold brew without any hassle. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can unlock the full potential of your Mizudashi Coffee Pot and brew the perfect cold brew to satisfy your coffee cravings. So, go ahead and give it a try – you might just find your new favorite way to enjoy coffee.

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