How Many Luckin Coffee Stores are there in China: A Glimpse into the Country’s Coffee Craze

I have always been fascinated by the coffee culture in different countries. As a passionate coffee lover, I am constantly on the lookout for new coffee shops to explore and savor the perfect cup of joe. Recently, my curiosity led me to dive deep into China’s coffee scene, specifically focusing on the famous Luckin Coffee stores. I wanted to know just how many Luckin Coffee stores are there in China and get a glimpse into the country’s coffee craze. Join me on this exciting journey as we uncover the secrets behind China’s caffeine-filled obsession.

The Rise of Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee burst onto the scene in 2017, quickly becoming a major player in China’s coffee industry. Their ambitious goal was to directly challenge the global coffee giant, Starbucks, on its home turf. In just a few short years, Luckin Coffee has managed to disrupt the market by utilizing a delivery-centric business model, enticing discounts, and a strong digital presence. They have struck a chord with the younger generation of Chinese consumers, who crave convenience and affordability.

The Convenience of Luckin Coffee

One of the key factors driving Luckin Coffee’s success is their emphasis on convenience. Unlike traditional coffee shops, Luckin Coffee primarily operates on a pick-up and delivery model. Customers can easily place their coffee orders through the Luckin Coffee app, allowing them to skip the long queues often associated with other coffee chains. This convenience has proven to be a game-changer, especially in China’s bustling metropolitan cities, where time is of the essence.

Affordability and Discounts

Another aspect that sets Luckin Coffee apart is their commitment to offering affordable prices and attractive discounts. By strategically pricing their coffee products lower than competitors, they have managed to lure in price-sensitive customers. Additionally, Luckin Coffee frequently runs enticing promotions, such as buy one get one free deals and generous discounts for new users. These strategies have helped them build a loyal customer base and encourage repeat business.

Unveiling the Numbers

Now, let’s dive into the heart of the matter – how many Luckin Coffee stores are there in China? As of my recent research, Luckin Coffee boasts an impressive network of over 4,500 stores spread across various Chinese cities. This staggering number demonstrates the brand’s rapid expansion and the sheer scale of China’s coffee craze. With such a vast presence, Luckin Coffee has managed to penetrate both Tier 1 cities like Beijing and Shanghai and Tier 2 cities where coffee culture is slowly taking root.

Physical Stores vs. Delivery Kitchens

It is important to note that not all 4,500 stores are traditional coffee shops that you can walk into. Luckin Coffee has cleverly utilized delivery kitchens as a significant part of its expansion strategy. These compact spaces allow Luckin Coffee to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for coffee delivery orders efficiently. While delivery kitchens lack the ambiance of a traditional coffee shop, they serve as central hubs for fulfilling orders in densely populated areas, ensuring swift delivery times.

Centers of Coffee Culture

Luckin Coffee has strategically focused on establishing a strong presence in areas with a high concentration of offices, residential complexes, and university campuses. By targeting these locations, they aim to capture the daily routine of Chinese consumers who crave a quick caffeine fix. Additionally, Luckin Coffee stands out by offering a wider variety of food and beverage options compared to their competitors. This allows them to cater to the diverse tastes and preferences of Chinese consumers.

The Impact on China’s Coffee Culture

Luckin Coffee’s rise has had a significant impact on China’s coffee culture. The brand has played a pivotal role in democratizing coffee and making it accessible to a wider audience. Historically, tea has been the beverage of choice in China, but the rise of Luckin Coffee and other coffee chains is rapidly changing this perception. As more and more people embrace the coffee culture, it has created a ripple effect, leading to increased interest in barista training and a growing appreciation for specialty coffee.

Competition with Starbucks

One cannot discuss China’s coffee craze without mentioning the battle between Luckin Coffee and Starbucks. Starbucks has been a dominant force in China’s coffee market for over two decades, with more than 4,700 stores across the country. However, Luckin Coffee’s aggressive expansion and focus on delivery have forced Starbucks to rethink its strategy and adapt to changing consumer demands. This competition has ultimately benefited Chinese coffee lovers, as it has fueled innovation and improved the overall coffee experience.


In conclusion, Luckin Coffee has taken China’s coffee scene by storm with its convenient ordering, affordability, and expansive network of stores. With over 4,500 locations and a strong emphasis on delivery, Luckin Coffee has successfully tapped into China’s coffee craze and captured the hearts of millions of consumers. Their rise has not only transformed the way Chinese people consume coffee but has also accelerated the growth of coffee culture in the country. As a coffee enthusiast, I can’t help but be excited about what the future holds for China’s caffeine-fueled obsession.

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